The 4$ Affiliate System

$py ... $wipe ... $plit ... $cale

Learn How To Design Profitable Affiliate Marketing Campaigns With Facebook Ads Using My "4$ Method"

(1) Spy ... (2) Swipe ... (3) Split ... (4) Scale

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The 4$ Affiliate System - Course Overview

The 4$ Affiliate System

Course Overview


  • ​Introduction
  • ​Join The FB Group & Get Connected

Module #1: Offers & Networks

  • ​Overview of Affiliate Marketing
  • ​Applying For Affiliate Networks
  • ​Best Verticals to Run on FB Ads
  • ​Offers to Avoid Promoting on FB
  • ​Why You Can't Direct Link to Offers
  • ​Affiliate Marketing Terminology

Module #2: Spying

  • ​Overview of Spying
  • ​Free Spying Method #1
  • ​Free Spying Method #2
  • ​Paid Spying With AdSpy
  • ​Advanced Spying Techniques

Module #3: Swiping

  • ​Overview of "Ethical Swiping"
  • ​Reviewing My Swipe File

Module #4: Landing Pages

  • ​Overview of Landing Pages
  • ​Download The "Share Funnel"
  • ​Two Types Of Landing Pages (this video above)
  • ​Choosing a Domain Name
  • ​Designing The Landing Page (Pt 1)
  • ​Designing The Landing Page (Pt 2)
  • ​Making The Landing Page Mobile Friendly
  • ​Terms of Service - Privacy Policy - Contact Us

Module #5: Getting Started W/ FB Ads

  • ​Intro to Facebook Advertising
  • ​Creating a Business Manager
  • ​Setting Up Your Fan Page
  • ​Social Proofing Your Fan Page
  • ​Low Cost Countries to Target For Page Likes
  • ​Breakdown Of What's to Come

Module #6: FB Pixel Setup

  • ​Overview of Facebook Pixels
  • ​Tracking Our Facebook Campaign
  • ​Facebook Pixel Helper (Free Plugin)
  • ​Tracking With Various Affiliate Networks
  • ​Tracking ClickBank Campaigns
  • ​Tracking A4D Campaigns
  • ​Tracking GiddyUp Campaigns
  • ​(Optional) Track Conversion Values With FB Ads

Module #7: Split Testing

  • ​Overview of Split Testing
  • ​Split Testing Ads
  • ​Split Testing Your Landing Pages
  • ​Tracking Your Landing Page Split Tests
  • ​Important Side Now For Split Testing
  • ​Split Testing Offers (Advanced)

Module #8: Ad Creation

  • ​Overview of The Ad Creation Process
  • ​Staying Compliant With FB Ads
  • ​Making Your Ads Stand Out (Pt 1)
  • ​Making Your Ads Stand Out (Pt 2 - Advanced)
  • ​Finding Ad Images (Method #1)
  • ​Finding Ad Images (Method #2)
  • ​Finding Ad Images (Method #3)
  • ​Editing The Ad Images
  • ​Finding Ad Videos
  • ​Editing The Ad Videos

Module #9: Creating The FB Ads Campaign

  • ​Overview of Creating Our FB Campaign
  • ​Campaign Creation Part 1: Campaign Level
  • ​Campaign Creation Part 2: Ad Set Level
  • ​Campaign Creation Part 3: Ad Level
  • ​Important Side Note!
  • ​Split Testing Audiences
  • ​Structuring The Facebook Columns
  • ​1st Conversion HOURS After Approval
  • ​Data Diving - 9 Conversions in 2 Days
  • ​Campaign #1 Wrap Up

Module #10: Email Marketing

  • ​Overview of Email Marketing
  • ​My Preferred ESP (Email Service Provider)
  • ​Choosing a Professional Email Domain
  • ​Creating An Email List
  • ​Integrating Our ESP w/ Our Landing Page
  • ​Creating Our Autoresponder Series
  • ​How to Create Value Posts For Emails
  • ​Outsourcing Emails (Optional)
  • ​Reviewing Our Follow Up Sequence
  • ​Designing & Split Testing Our Optin Landing Page
  • ​Creating the 2nd Facebook Ads Campaign
  • ​Day 1 Results - 50%+ Optin Rates!!!
  • ​Email Automation Strategies
  • ​How to Send Newsletters Properly
  • ​Campaign #2 Wrap Up

Module #11: Scaling

  • ​Overview of Scaling With FB Ads
  • ​Avoid These Common Scaling Mistakes
  • ​Scaling FB Ads Campaigns - Method #1
  • ​Scaling FB Ads Campaigns - Method #2

Module #12: Case Studies

  • ​FULL Case Study on a $2,000.00 per DAY Campaign

Why Invest In The 4$ Affiliate System?

  • ​Go through the course at your own pace - I don't "Drip" Course content over several weeks... I hate that!
  • ​DFY Landing Page Templates -> Copy my high converting "Quiz Style" Landers & Don't Worry About Creating Your Own
  • ​Stay Compliant w/ FB Ads by promoting WHITE HAT offers. Say goodbye to ad account bans 
  • ​No crazy "theories" on how to beat the FB Algorithm. I teach how to keep it simple & let Facebook optimize for you!
  • ​Over the shoulder campaign setup (Step by Step) with live results... I don't just talk about it - I go DEEP!
  • ​FULL Case study of a FB Ads campaign that got to $2,000/day... (this lesson is incredibly valuable)
  • ​24/7 Support! I don't "ghost" you after the purchase. If you have questions I encourage you to reach out to me!
  • ​One Time Payment for LIFETIME Access -> Get access to ALL future updates and additional lessons add ins.